Consultancy Services

We actively support external customers dealing with early-stage up to mature flight programs involving electric propulsion. Our services include:

Engineering suppo​​rt

Including, but not limited to, thermal and mechanical simulations and plasma modelling.

Ground support equipment (GSE) design and assistance

including, but not linited to, mechanical, electrical and fluidic GSEs with embedded real-time data acquisition systems 

Assembly Integration and Verification (AIV) activities

Including, but not limited to, diagnostic design, data reduction and testing support on both engine and SEPS levels.

Hollow Cathode design and modelling

MSL has a variety of off-the-shelf and proprietary codes to predict and model hollow cathodes performance and lifetime. The EP laboratory can be used to fully characterise both main discharge cathodes and neutralisers performances.

Ion optics design and modelling

MSL runs a variety of off-the-shelf and proprietary codes ion optics models to assess the erosion and lifetime of ion engines gridset.​​​

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Our high-qualified engineering team is available for consultancy services to external customers under suitable commercial arrangements

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